Simple gas trading for you

Do you want to simplify your energy trading?Talk to one of our experts.
Anders JohanssonHead of Business Area Gas+46 705 - 14 81 22

You can stay focused on your core business knowing that we are by your side. We ensure secure power delivery, optimised trading, and ongoing management of your gas needs, whether you choose natural gas or biogas. Our gas services are custom made to support you and your situation.

Your balance responsibility

You are required by law to deliver as much gas as your customers use. Our energy experts work on your behalf as your balance responsible party, becoming accountable for your gas delivery.

Your physical delivery

As a user, you need secure gas delivery at a secure price. As gas providers ourselves, we can purchase gas directly from producers and the market, and deliver it you.

With physical delivery, we can:

  • Deliver biogas. Both to industries and companies that deliver gas to vehicles. We were the first Swedish provider to become certified (REDcert-EU).
  • Deliver natural gas.
Experts will work by your side with solutions to simplify your situation and create new opportunities. Short-term and long-term.

It’s simple... we’re there for you.