Expertise in electricity production management

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Being our partner, you receive the full scope of services ranging from short-term balancing and physical power sales to handling of longer-term financial risks.

Apart from the actual power production management, our team is also highly skilled and experienced in all aspects of managing and trading electricity certificates and Guarantees of Origin (GoO’s).

Our fundamental knowledge of the power sector combined with resources in business intelligence, market analysis and experts in the field of meteorology provide you with everything needed to get the most out of your production facility. We believe that having all this expertise inhouse is the key to deliver the best possible service to our partners.

Our main focus is on wind power production, where our portfolio has grown significantly over the years. However, we also cover solar, hydro and CHP assets. Modity will be your partner in every step towards creating a profitable, predictable and simple management of your asset. We will work closely together, all the way from any initial hedging to the day to day production management.

Solutions to suit your needs

We will be your balance responsible party, making production forecasts, balancing all deviations and taking care of necessary administration and reporting, giving you an easy and reliable set up. We will buy your production at spot prices or at an agreed fixed price. We can provide flexible solutions to adopt to certain situations, such as negative prices, to lessen your risks.

Together with our team of experts we work out the most suitable hedging strategy for your asset. Wind power producers often benefit the most from portfolio management strategies with continuous hedging using monthly profiled baseload. But we also offer pay as produced alternatives, always tailoring the solutions to suit your specific needs with respect to duration, scope and risk level.