Simple electricity and gas trading

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What will happen to electricity and gas prices in the future? How will I manage my costs? How will I keep up with market innovation? How do I best deal with challenges in an uncertain market?

No doubt you have many questions, but with Modity by your side, you can stay focused on your core business. You receive ongoing management of your electricity and gas needs, optimized electricity and gas trading and secure delivery of your electricity and gas. Services are specific to your situation.

Your physical delivery (the same applies for gas trading)

As a user, you need secure electricity delivery at a secure price. We are electricity providers and purchase electricity from producers and the market for delivery to you. We have a long track record of working with companies whose electricity purchasing is critical – this is a prerequisite for us to be able to deliver simple energy trading.

Your balance responsibility (the same applies for gas trading)

As both supplier and balance responsible party, we work on your behalf with responsibility for your whole electricity delivery. With vast experience managing electricity production, our experts provide the foundation for simplifying your electricity trading.

Your optimized trading (the same applies for gas trading)

You receive secure electricity delivery and the best forecasting to avoid costs due to unbalanced delivery levels. You even have the possibility to analyse the management of your electricity purchasing, providing the basis for optimizing your electricity trading and production.

Here are a few examples of services and products to simplify, secure, and optimize your balance sheet:

Experts work by your side with products, services and solutions specific to your situation. Short- and long-term.

It’s simple... we’re there for you.